Atkins I.T. is a small, independent business, specializing in Information Technology serving central Missouri. If you are a 660 or 573 resident, call me for your basic I.T. needs. Be sure to also Like the Facebook page at

Consultation services? PC repair? Home networking solutions? Virus/malware removal? Need to recover lost data or implement a regular backup plan? I can make it all happen.

“I have a passion for technology and pursue 100% success in all I do.” This is my motto.

I am dedicated to the commitment I make to all my clients and believe that personal integrity in business is the building block for practicing moral business ethics which will build success for the future.


Current System Administrator at a successful and growing I.T. firm in Columbia, Missouri.

Over 15 years of personal experience dating back to the mid-90s.

Setup numerous home networking solutions by deploying routers and home switches.

Knowledge in best practices for setting up backups to keep data safe and secure.

Always professional and courteous. I will explain and answer questions in the most basic ways possible to assist in understanding concepts or reasoning.

Services & Fees

Hourly rate starting at $40/hr., which is less than half of the industry standard (minimum 1 hour). Most repair centers or support centers charge anywhere from $80/hr. to $100+/hr. for their in-house services.

No overcharge or inflation increase on hardware or software purchased. Most businesses will purchase the same piece of hardware or software you were going to purchase, only they tack on 20%-25% extra to make money on the product or software.

No false claims. If the PC needs a new power supply, that is all I will suggest. No creating phantom problems or claiming hardware failure that is actually performing up to standards.

With my services you get 110% commitment and integrity from me as a professional.

Some people hate the idea of having someone else fix their PC. Some think they know how to do it. Others fail to find out if their PC is still covered under warranty. Taking on a task of PC repair or a home network solution can be frustrating if you’re untrained, uncertified, or would rather do it yourself than hire a professional. More often than not, this leads to more complication than anticipated or imagined. I can take care of this for you.

Malware or viruses can be ugly. They can be very detrimental to PC health and have no mercy when it comes to your data or system access. I am experienced in malware/virus removal.

I can personally setup your home with the same type of network I use in my home. I can come to your residence or office and begin upgrades or installation immediately. I’m just a normal person like you trying to make a living, not a killing. I just happen to specialize in basic I.T. practices and be a Microsoft Certified Professional.

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